Taming of Chance

Objects & Algorithms

World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock (Digital)

Sculpture and AR Application



Newton’s Buddha

A Newton pendulum standing in the immediate vicinity of a beckoning cat waving at the pendulum. The result of this special constellation is that the pendulum does not stop after some time, as is usually the case, but moves infinitely back and forth in sync with the beckoning of the cat.

Apollo 11 (Edition unread package insert)

Using a machine learning algorithm, the computer created five different ways to assemble the scale-modelling set of Apollo 11. These five models were all assembled far from the specifications of the construction manual and thus demonstrate a push into new dimensions previously untouched by human hands.

Per Knopfdruck zuschaltbar (Switchable at the push of a button)

This work provides insights into the Garden of Eden at the end of the Anthropocene. Man, who operates the machine at the push of a button, has long since become obsolete and the machines are now among themselves. This scenario is inspired by ideas that can also be found in trans- and posthumanism.