World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock (Digital)

2021 | Sculpture with AR application | variable Dimensions

The work addresses the history of the clock industry of the Black Forest and takes up one of its icons: the cuckoo clock and “the much talked about digital transformation” in the region. The work opens a digital door to the global phenomenon of the cuckoo clock by bringing together a worldwide variety of cuckoo clocks in one place. Thus, the work is also oriented towards the parasitic capacities of the natural cuckoo, which lays its eggs in the nest of other birds – in this case, however, the eggs of others are laid in a digital nest.
Find more information following this link:https://weltgroesste-kuckucksuhr.com/index_en.html.


Digital is better, Municipal Gallery Villingen-Schwenningen, DE, 2021.

Thanks to Alexander Hinzsch, Daniel ‘Dan’ Leguy-Madžar, Diedrich Frickel, Frank ‘Fna’ Müller-Pierstorff, Hansjörg Wintermantel, Hendrik ‘Richi’ Hähner, Irene Pérez Hernández, Pascal ‘Kalle’ Dinser, Peter Huber, Ron ‘Royal’ Widmer, Stephan Rößler.