Rollkoffer von Venedig

Trolley bags of Venice

2019 | PIR sensors, modified MP3 player, loudspeaker | variable dimensions

The sound installation ‘Trolley bag of Venice’ makes it possible to be followed acoustically by a rolling suitcase as you walk by. The rolling suitcases of Venice are a controversial acoustic phenomenon (Bremer, 2014; SPIEGEL, 2014). Due to the corona crisis, it is difficult to experience this phenomenon on site this year. The sound installation attempts to remedy this problem: over a distance of 5-7 metres, small sound modules equipped with sensors play short excerpts of “field recordings” of a rolling suitcase. Depending on how the visitor moves, the rolling suitcase phenomenon can be recreated acoustically and, in the best case, memories of the rolling suitcases of Venice can be indulged.

Bremer, J. (2014). Venedig: Die Koffer dürfen weiter rollen. FAZ.NET.
SPIEGEL, D. (2014). Venedig verbietet Plastikräder an Rollkoffern – DER SPIEGEL – Reise.


Apparillos, Saga Galerie, Radolfzell, DE, 2020